Want to Help Kids? AND Education?

Boston University law student aims to organize youth for a single dollar
Out the Mouths of Babes will turn nation’s youth into amplified MOB

How much does it cost to organize and amplify the voices of a generation? If University of Boston Law School student Brandon Greene has his way, just one dollar.
Greene is the founder and Executive Director of nonprofit media company Out the Mouths of Babes (OuttMOB), which he hopes will become “the Huffington Post of student journalism.” The Public Interest Scholar and Martin Luther King Social Justice Fellow launched a capital campaign last month and with eight days to go, hopes to raise an additional $1,200 in $1 donations or one donation of $1200 to assist with costs for site design and filing the necessary paperwork to obtain nonprofit status.
In an era where the debate about education reform is dominated by adults, Greene wants to give students a national stage to express themselves.
“Every day, I have conversations about the best ways to educate students and evaluate teachers,” said Greene. “I find myself wondering where the voices of kids are in these conversations. How can we as adults hope to impact students’ lives if we don’t truly know about them?”
The site’s offerings will be diverse and feature aggregated content and original, multimedia offerings from students around the country.
Greene plans to cultivate partnerships with professional journalism organizations, media companies, school districts, colleges and universities to connect students with individuals and entities interested in helping students get their stories to the masses.



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