Phenomenal New Interactive Comic: Sundown-White Birch


Sundown–White Birch is an incredible mix of fantastic writing, flawless illustrations, beautiful music, and easy to follow animation. Synopsis:

America 1870. A Gothic western set in the Post-Civil War chaos and at the height of the Indian Wars, a trio of unlikely characters (and a talking horse) band together in an epic journey across America’s Badlands in search of answers for the misery they have lived through.

Love, romance, misguided philosophy, and violence on a Greek-like scale… this is the world at SUNDOWN.

Available on iPad. Soon on iPhone and Android.


The story is deep, dark, and engaging. I was hooked from the very first panel.
As an interactive app producer and author myself, I’m amazed and excited about what Motionworks Entertainment has done here. They’ve given the viewer an immersive experience, which is what I want in an interactive story. I was so intrigued I didn’t even think about the interactivity as I was viewing it. The music blends in with each scene, creating a tense ambience. The comic panels and dialogue were engaging and easy to follow. And the animation was present but not overpowering. Each art form enhanced the story, not detracted from it.
I’m really looking forward to Part 2. I highly recommend it.


Buy Sundown: White Birch on iTunes.


Check out Motionworks Entertainment’s website. And keep up to date on their projects through twitter and Facebook.



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