Pats Offensive Coordinator Should be Fired

On what planet do you send a message to your opponent that you are going to pass on every play?

On the first down of the second half, Brady was in the shotgun ~ telegraphing the game plan: “We are going to pass, no matter what”

In the second half of the Kansas City loss, 41-14, Tom Brady came out in the shotgun formation with ten yards of turf at his back.  Immediately, your B.S. radar should have gone off.   The Pats came out throwing, and never tried to establish the run at any time during the game in KC.

What Pat’s fans witnessed Monday nite, was NOT a breakdown of Tom Brady’s line, so much as a terribly wrong headed display of terrible coaching and play calling by the upper deck.  The failure of this game plan was even more wrong headed in light of the weakness of the Pat’s O Line.  If the Coaches knew the line was needy, all the more reason to establish the run.

When quarterbacks are forced to throw 95% of the time, the opponents Defense is not required to play the run.  When any quarterback is forced to throw on every down, the odds of success are nil.  This is not even a stat worth debating.  It is a long standing axiom, that proves itself for any team, in any city.  And it goes back to fundamental aspects of the game we all learn from grade school through high school and college play: One dimensional teams lose.  It’s that simple.

Frankly,  any pee wee football coach could have done better managing the game.  There was no excuse for throwing the ball when the game was 17-0 after the half.  When Brady came out in the shotgun formation,  a terrible message was signaled to the KC defense:  “Don’t worry about a thing… We are going to pass on every play, don’t bother covering the run… Play back, we are going to pass.  And our line is going to let you run down our quarterback, and you might get a couple of picks..”

And that is exactly what happened, and that is exactly the result the Patriots got.

Robert Kraft should fire the Offensive Coordinator Immediately.  The fans are owed more than this from a billion dollar franchise.


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