KO Pies’ 5th Mick Dundee Pie Challenge

Get ready for the biggest and baddest Mick Dundee challenge EVER. This year’s 5th Mick Dundee Pie competition will be held at the Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall in the Seaport. Our mates at Harpoon are providing their entire space, including the private dining room, catwalks, tasting room, and the Beer Hall all in the name of raising a couple thousand bucks for charity.


The format will be similar to previous Dundees in that 1 ticket ($60) will be good for up to 4 people. Each ticket gives you access to the party, 12 delicious mini pies for your group, and one complimentary Harpoon beverage for each member of your group. The competitors are some of Boston’s best chefs.


 The event will include the donation of $2,000 to Community Servings from the last Dundee challenge won by Chin Kuo of Saus near Faneuil Hall.


“Battle at the Brewery” – Dundee V

KO Catering & Pies

Monday, February 23, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EST)

Boston, MA

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