Kickstarter Project – Straw Straws: The Naturally Grown Drinking Straw


Straw Straws produces drinking straws sustainably grown out of real straw.  Our straws are hand-harvested and hand cut out of the stalk of grains.  New England-based, veteran-owned green start-up.  We have two farms in Maine where we are conducting research as well as refining our production methods.  Our straws are 100% biodegradable and look amazing in any refreshment.



Reducing Plastic Waste:

According to Eco-cycle, 500 million drinking straws are consumed by Americans every day.  This number was calculated by looking at fast food restaurant sales and other uses of drinking straws.  We at Straw Straws have the long-term goal of replacing as many plastic straws with biodegradable Straw Straws as possible.  Plastic is a non-renewable petroleum product which pollutes the environment, and we believe that reducing the amount plastic consumables is positive for everyone.




We have a packaging facility in South Boston where we will be taking the drinking straws that we currently import from Germany and repackaging them using compostable cellophane and recycled cardboard.



German Connection:

We have a long-lasting relationship with a small German company that produces drinking straws out of straw.  We are working with them to adapt their production methods to the Maine climate.  Alex Bennett, the founder of Straw Straws, lived in Freiburg, Germany for two years growing up and speaks German fluently.



High end cocktail bars are the place where we believe we will have the most initial success.  Our straws are currently available at Vena’s Fizz House @venasfizzhouse , a mixology bar in Portland, ME, and also on Kickstarter.  We are very happy with the newly-formed partnership with Vena’s, as they are also innovators in the bar and mixology arena, producing their own mason jar cocktail infusion kits.


Straw Straws is bringing the drinking straw back to its roots and there are many people and businesses who are excited about our expanding venture.  The Straw team now has ten people hard at work doing research, farming, film and now sales to ensure our success.

Alex Bennett

Chief Straw Man


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